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Atlas started out from the remnants of Bull Plumbing back some 15 years ago. I was fortunate to be taught years ago by some very well known area plumbers who were interested in doing it right. Like everyone else , those were the days of nothing but all new home construction. As the years went by , we concentrated more on rennovations and repairs. We still do new home plumbing but most of our time is spent in the repair / rennovations aspect. We had grown to be a medium sized company with 6 employees , but through the years I decided that a smaller 2 man shop would give me a better chance to serve our clients personally. Its hard to give truly personal service when you have 20 trucks on the road , and always someone different showing up to your home.

Attention to detail are the hallmarks of our work . Plumbing is very unforgiving . Either it is 100 % correct , or you have a leak ! Doing every bit of work we do to code is also manditory. Plumbing is actually a very detail orientated business . Its a lot more than "stuff" rolls downhill ! All plumbing done by Atlas is done to current Illinois code with only approved materials.
We have been trusted in homeowners residences all across the Northern Illinois area to provide them with reasonable and safe plumbing . And there is a good reason why doing it right is so necessary in plumbing . Below is a small article I wrote a few years back about not doing it right.

Why a licensed plumber is always your best choice. And Atlas is even better.

We have all seen it before. Your friend/neighbor/relative knows a little about plumbing and is going to help you on your next project. They really are not plumbers but they once put in a water heater, making them very qualified in their own mind. We go on countless jobs every year to help straighten out the job that a friend thought they would do. They may have had the best of intentions when they started, but this is where experience comes into play. Incorrect plumbing isn't just drips and leaks; it is a serious health hazard. If you remember a short time back about the terrible S.A.R.S. outbreak and the number of people both sickened and killed by the virus, it was traced back directly to faulty plumbing. In this instance it was a matter of faulty installation work. So even though there were no leaks or drips noticed, it was still faulty and resulted in a number of deaths. There is a reason why our licenses come from the State Department of Health. Plumbers protect the health of the nation by properly delivering you clean and safe drinking water along with proper removal of waste material.

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